Video Chat Top Features

File Uploading File Uploading

Chatpaki Video Chat lets you upload any type of file imaginable: pictures, text, archives, and more; for smooth and transparent sharing.

Block List Block List

Blocking unwanted contact in chat couldn't be simpler: a few mouse clicks, and people you'd rather forget end up on a neatly sorted global block list.

Buddy List Buddy List

The buddy list is a quick and easy way to organize your chat contacts and keep in touch with them across different rooms. You can also offline message your friends.

Emotion Icons Emotion Icons

We bundle a full default set of animated smileys for frequently used in-chat expressions. Admins can add custom icons or whole new sets to their chat, too.

Multiple Rooms Multiple Rooms

Room list can contain an unlimited number of categorised rooms, with capped or uncapped number of connections, unique names, voice and video options.

Private Rooms Private Rooms

Private room is an exclusive chat location with a set member list and optional password, where select users can socialise outside of public chat.

Private Chat Private Chat

Private chat is self-contained in a compact and resizable chat window, with video, voice, rich text, and capability to send credit.

Public Chat Public Chat

Public chat is an open forum that enables potentially unlimited group conversations between people, with history look back, streaming options, and more.

Voice Chat Voice Chat

Voice streaming empowers chatters to speak in their natural voice and language. They can set speech loudness, see other active mics and mute voice sources.

Camera Recording Camera Recording

Webcam and sound streams can be captured with just one click of the mouse. Members have access to a video gallery for cataloguing and sharing of this content.

Games Games

Administrator has the power to add custom Flash games through the control panel to his chat. Chat members can play these games and rate them accordingly.

Media Player Media Player

Integrated media player is available to chatters, with support for FLV video, MP3 music files and playlists. It's the default player for shared media content.

Chat Moderation Chat Moderation

Moderators can kick chatters, apply permanent or timed bans, silence, contact hidden users, and more. Chat admin can set IP viewing, invisible mode and host ban.

Customise Banners Customise Banners

You can create your own custom ad banners, with images or flash animations. It's possible to set banner display options, delays, expiry dates and more.

Mailing List Mailing List

This feature allows webmasters to configure and manage their community mailing list; send plain text or rich HTML email as greetings, notices or newsletters.

Invisible Mode Invisible Mode

Invisible mode privilege in our video chat is a great aid to users wanting to appear offline but still remain in chat, for privacy or moderation reasons.

User Management User Management

User management in the control panel, with search and sorting functionality, makes finding and editing user accounts, or individual permissions, effortless.

User Access Control User Access Control

This admin option deals with group permissions, defines a clear user group hierarchy, global rules, and user group powers in chat.

Database Integration Database Integration

The chat data is stored and accessed in a standard way, which permits smooth integration with the majority of popular database and CMS engines.

Free Installation Free Installation

Expert installation allows you to skip the technical details and set your chat up quickly. We can deal with the initial setup, integration and troubleshooting.